Palazzo Scammacca del Murgo

Palazzo Scammacca del Murgo is a historic building in Catania, completely renovated in 2019. Located in the city center, it is an oasis of relaxation for a pleasant stay on the slopes of Etna and on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea.

The building, with over two hundred years of history, has been skilfully renovated to make rooms, apartments, suites and common areas available to the public.
The Palazzo offers modern services and furnishings and the large historic halls host exhibitions and small cultural events.

Pietro Scammacca del Murgo

Owner & General Manager

Palazzo Scammacca - Catania
Palazzo Scammacca del Murgo - Catania

Since 1990


The Scammacca del Murgo family, owner of the nineteenth-century building, has lived in Catania for several centuries and its long history is characterized by the notable contribution of its members to the Church, Sicily and Italy.

Excellent wine, olive oil, oranges and other traditional crops are produced on farms in Sicily and Lazio. In the San Michele estate, on the slopes of the Etna volcano, a farmhouse has been created among the vineyards and a small typical country restaurant frequented by tourists from all over the world.

Cantine Murgo

Passionate winemakers since 1860

Cantine Murgo 1860

Cantine Murgo 1860

Santa Venerina (CT) - Etna Est

Agriturismo Tenuta San Michele

Santa Venerina (CT) - Etna Est

San Michele Resturant

Ristorante Tenuta San Michele

Santa Venerina (CT) - Etna Est

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