Palazzo Scammacca is an historical Palace in Catania Centre, renovated on 2019. Located in the City Center, it is an oasi for relaxing and a pleasant stay next to Etna and Mediterranean Sea.


Since 1990

Palazzo Scammacca

Palazzo Scammacca, built in the 19th century, is located in the heart of the historic center of Catania, a few minutes’ walk from Piazza Duomo, the city’s colorful markets and the many restaurants where guests can taste local specialties.

The building, with over two hundred years of history, has been modernly renovated in recent years and made available to the public with rooms, apartments, suites and common areas.

The building also offers guests large halls with period ceilings, modern services and furnishings; the perfect place to host a private event or business meeting, with the support of a fully equipped kitchen, which can be used by the caterer.

Chiesa | Piazza Scammacca
Palazzo Scammacca del Murgo - Catania

The Family

Scammacca del Murgo

The Scammacca del Murgo family, owner of the nineteenth-century building, has lived in Catania for several centuries and its long history is characterized by the notable contribution of its members to the Church, Sicily and the Italian motherland. Scammacca del Murgo 1860Scammacca coat of arms of Murgo 1860

The very ancient family memories date back to 755 in France where the first famous member of the Scammaccas, Blascone, participated in the defense of Christianity from Arab attacks.

Later, the family served various kings and queens over the centuries. He moved to Southern Italy in 1266 following the King of France Charles of Anjou.

Several of its members were rewarded with important rewards: on 8 September 1409 King Martino the Younger gave Blasco Scammacca the title of Baron of Murgo and Caricatore of Agnone, a fief located in the rear part of the great Catania plain.

The most recent member of the illustrious family is Michele Scammacca del Murgo, who served in Italian diplomacy since the 1920s, as ambassador to Addis Ababa, Paris, Tokyo, Brussels, Bucharest and as head of protocol at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

His son Emanuele, also a diplomat to the embassies of New York, Washington DC, Asmara, Zurich, Madrid, Brussels, Moscow and to the Holy See, decided in 1981 to transform the old Sicilian and Lazio family land properties into modern manufacturing companies, implementing gradual but continuous improvements.

In the following years, his sons Michele, Alessandro, Pietro and Matteo also joined the project, always supported by the brothers Filippo, Bernardo, Manfredi and Costantino.

Today they proudly continue the family tradition of excellent wine producers, looking to the future together with the new generations.

Murgo Winery 1860

Passionate winemakers since 1860

Cantine Murgo 1860

Murgo Cellar 1860

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San Michele Resturant

Tenuta San Michele Restaurant

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